I want to give you some useful info about your trip on this in this nonpareil town, to know and love.Venice is builted in the middle of his lagoon: trips are difficults and need the double of time than an another town; life is regulated by tides, wind, rain, fogs, tath changes your programs and appointments. This is the price for live in Venice.

So i want to advice you: don’t made so many projects. Live your stay in Venice hour by hour, lose yourself. Follow your instincts and stuffed into the deserted street.
Talk to Venetians: they’ll answer to you in vènéto, because here nobody talk italian language.

Walks with comfortable shoes and light luggage. Ideal a backpacker; avoids heavy rigid suitcases to drag upon the bridges.

Plan your arrival: especially in the evening after 20 to travel by public transport becomes quite difficult also for the residents.
Move following the GPS smartphone does not make much sense; it is best to consult the routes of public transport and buy a timed tourist ticket valid for one to seven days, otherwise you will pay dearly for every single trip.