Venice is a fragile town.

The always growing number of people who walk in its calli (roads), has made necessary the creation of a guideline to be followed and ease  the visit of the town maintaining the respect toward the town itself and its citizens.

The County of Venice has therefore issued the Guide of the tourist, to make the tourist, that hardly knows Venice, sensitive to Venice needs.


Any abandoned trash pollutes. Please throw small trash in the nearest bin and most of all limit the quantity of trash avoiding the purchase of disposable material.


It’s forbidden nor to walk around Venice in swimsuit -or topless neither to dive or swim in the channels. The beach is at Lido.

Trafic and transport

Venice calli (roads) are narrow. Pls keep the right side and avoid stopping on the bridges.

There are people who live in Venice, not only tourists.actv1

When you get on board of the water bus always remember to respect the other passengers:

put your back bag on the floor,

don’t stop in front of the entrance and exit,

don’t seat on the reserved seats and put your luggage in the luggage place shown by sailorman.

The vaporetto (water bus) is the only mean of transport for both Venetians and tourists.

High Tidesactv2

In case of High tide remember that there are alternative routes. Use the gangways and always stay on the right side without stopping. Enjoy the charming of Venice even when there are high tides.

Disturbing the peace

Venice is not different from the other towns. After 23 hrs respect the peace of citizens and limit the noises. Your fun doesn’t have to annoy the rest of the others.