Sailing in Lagoon is actually complex, but this complexity can be easily overpassed with a little bit of experience. Then the magnificence of the views and the fact that you can safely sail because there are no waves and there’s always a safe shelter you can reach, reward of everything.


Passaora channel, Sant’Erasmo island.

Pordelìo chanel (Treporti)

Ship channels, wide and deep up to 15 metres in which flow emerald green waters, reach flora and fauna, islands with millennial history and traditions. All is plunged in a landscape that takes your breath away with its colors and muffled sounds: this is the north Lagoon!
Its’ wider and richer of islands than all the other areas, It’s an excelent area where to sail since it’s not so packed and its’ channels are wide and windy.   

The cruise in this dreamy and peaceful area can get until Portegrandi or Cavallino.

The central lagoon is more crowded and include the town of Venice, the islands of Lido and the other peopled islands and the famous port of Marghera, linked to the sea through the channel of Malamocco.Pordelio chanel (Treporti)

Even here the possibilities of sightseeing and leisure are various. Maybe it’s no sense to talk of Lido or Venice, while the beauties hidden in these channels and these islands are unknown to most of the tourists: Poveglia, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, San Clemente , Malamocco  Alberoni, in the Lido Island.

The South Lagoon, poorer than the other islands but offering a great charm with its inner channels, the fish valley, the islands of Pellestrina and Chioggia.

Trawler on san Domenico chanel, Chioggia.

Further info:

Shipping channels on Veneto (Map *pdf, on request)