During your stay in the lagoon, one or some days will be dedicated to visit the town.

The mouring of the boat, in the Island of Certosa, allows you to reach the centre in 10 minutes by boat, at any time during the day and the night.

The skipper on demand or a tourist guide will be happy to come with you to descover the monuments famous all around the world, or the most hidden and true corners of the town, losing themselves in the calli, campi and campielli.

Our proposals are a way to live the town and the environment in which the town is plunged, going out of the classical tourist  models (mass models) from which we are too often tempted.

Especially for who has already done the classical turist paths of the town, discovering the most authentic areas, like the sestiere di Castello, the ghetto or the Sant’Elena Island will be the discover of the most peculiar faces of Venezia.

If you wish we’ll guide you to meet the less known Venice, les crowded and truer, where you’ll enjoy extraordinary artistical heritages and secret corners.

If you wish to catch the true atmosphere of the town you must understand its heart: perfums, traditions, inhabitants, and basing your tour on the time of your stayal we’ll offer you a travel itinerary  the fits your needs.

Recommended experiences:

Guided tour of the Doge’s Palace with a fast lane access! Every day at 10.45 am

Guided tour of Saint Mark’s Basilica with a fast lane ticket



I want to give you some useful info about your trip on this in this nonpareil town, to know and love.
Venice is builted in the middle of his lagoon: trips are difficults and need the double of time than an another town; life is regulated by tides, wind, rain, fogs, tath changes your programs and appointments. This is the price for live in Venice.
So i want to advice you: don’t made so many projects. Live your stay in Venice hour by hour, lose yourself. Follow your instincts and stuffed into the deserted street.

Talk to Venetians: they’ll answer to you in venéto, because here nobody talk italian language.

Walks with comfortable shoes and light luggage. Ideal a backpacker; avoids heavy rigid suitcases to drag upon the bridges.

Plan your arrival: especially in the evening after 20 to travel by public transport becomes quite difficult also for the residents.
Move following the GPS smartphone does not make much sense; it is best to consult the routes of public transport and buy a timed tourist ticket valid for one to seven days, otherwise you will pay dearly for every single trip.


Venice is a fragile town;
the always growing number of people who walk in its calli (roads), has made necessary the creation of a guideline to be followed and ease  the visit of the town maintaining the respect toward the town itself and its citizens.
The County of Venice has therefore issued the Guide of the tourist, to make the tourist, that hardly knows Venice, sensitive to Venice needs.


Any abandoned trash pollutes. Please throw small trash in the nearest bin and most of all limit the quantity of trash avoiding the purchase of disposable material.


It’s forbidden nor to walk around Venice in swimsuit-or topless neither to dive or swim in the channels. The beach is at Lido.actv3

Trafic and transport

Venice calli (roads) are narrow. Pls keep the right side and avoid stopping on the bridges.

There are people who live in Venice, not only tourists.

When you get on board of the water bus always remember to respect the other passengers:actv1

put your back bag on the floor,

don’t stop in front of the entrance and exit,

don’t seat on the reserved seats and put your luggage in the luggage place shown by sailorman.

The vaporetto (water bus) is the only mean of transport for both Venetians and tourists.actv2

High Tides

In case of High tide remember that there are alternative routes. Use the gangways and always stay on the right side without stopping. Enjoy the charming of Venice even when there are high tides.

Disturbing the peace

Venice is not different from the other towns. After 23 hrs respect the peace of citizens and limit the noises. Your fun doesn’t have to annoy the rest of the others.


WEB CAM in Canal Grande 
All the web cams 
Data of the town: arrival, mode and stay of tourists; ships; air pollution, web cam.
Tides forecast
Consult the Tourist Report with the daily tourist estimates, if you want to choose days with minor crowding.

Eat and drink,  “Tour dei Bàcari”.

The “tour dei bàcari” is the tour of  taverns of  classics”cichéti” of venetian tradition. Many youngs from the inland of Veneto arrive here on the week ends to enjoy these typicals Venetian dishes with a glass of wine.
Best bàcari for each sestiere.
Map of  bar, restaurants and bàcari
Lo Spritz 
Traditional cuisine