A sightseeing of the most authentic and fascinating places

In two days you’ll see part of the town and some of the other islands and channels of its Lagoon.
The schedule includes boarding in the evening due to the tour of the sestiere and an aperitif; dinner at one of Venice pubs (bàcaro), restaurant near or on the boat, or at least an aperitif with classic spritz!
The next morning will be devoted to visiting the neighborhood, after breakfast, then we’ll sail to the northern Lagoon, to the islands of Burano and Torcello, where we’ll sleep.
Consequently, the  day after day we’ll sail to reach the sea and the central Lagoon with the possibility, above all, to visit one or some of its islands.

Some of the places you might visit


The boat mooring, in the island of Certosa, allows to reach San Pietro di Castello in 10 minutes. Especially for the one that already went through the classic touristic paths in the city, uncover the most authentic parts will reveal the true spirit of Venice.

santandreaimg_6652ISLAND OF SANT’ANDREA

The fort represents one of the symbols of the venetian naval power.
Walking through its hidden passages and above the pillboxes commemorating the history of this place is really a fascinating experience.

6963181118_b1010ec20c_zSAN FRANCESCO DEL DESERTO

The island is a peaceful osasis, inhabited by a dozen Franciscans. A friar will guide you to the discovery of its monuments and its history.
Free offer guided tours every day.


Always the preferred way to entery the Lagoon. Its wood is rich in tree species, native and oriental: Robinia, hackberry, mulberry, black and white poplar, ash, Japanese privet and marsh cane, and populated by a number of communities of hares, goats, and birds.

Sant’Erasmo is the second largest island of the Venetian Lagoon. 
Known as the kitchen garden and the beach of Venice, this island once faced the sea, before the construction of the North dike of the Lido port, which created the Treporti land.


The city-island which counts about 7,000 inhabitants is the most crowded among the the islands of the north lagoon. Always a fishing village, renowned in the whole world for the art of lace, today tourism is its primary income source. The harmony of its colours, the warm feeling coming from its “calli” (streets) in every season and the hospitality of its people, give Burano an unforgettable charm.


Is linked to Burano with a wooden bridge. Almost ignored by the horde of day trippers, who believe this rectangular land strip is an offshoot of Burano, was once called Maiurbium (= greater town). Today it has about three hundred inhabitants, some of which living in the newly built housing estates in the south-east of the island.


Lagoon, sea, lagoon inlets… A fine sail facing one of the best Italian beaches, against the backdrop of the most luxurious hotels and villas in art nouveau style. For the lunch we will go Alberoni, a small village at the western end of the island or on the island of Poveglia.
Final stop, depending on the time, San Lazzaro (visit 15:30) or San Servolo.


This little known island is an incredible mix of history, nature and atmosphere.
A couple hours dedicated to the exploration of this land you’ll never forget.

Boarding: about 1800.          Landing: about 1800.
Included: Skipper, one overnight stay, breakfast, lunch, daily tour, mooring at base port, final cleaning.
Excluded: everything not specifically included.