Venezia in Vela was born in 2012 in the island of Certosa, which is located east of Venice, between Sant’Elena, Vignole and San Niccolò (Lido).

The adventure, which began with a single boat, now allows you to choose whether you want to be transported between the islands of the Lagoon or arrange your own cruises with the bareboat formula.
The fleet consists of three sailboats, 8 and 13 meters, and two motor boats suitable for use in the Lagoon, both for day trips, weekly cruises or weekends.
Daily cruises with skipper take place in the northern–central part of the Laguna.
You can circumnavigate the island of Lido or head to the northern Lagoon, visiting its beautiful islands, like Sant’Erasmo, San Francesco del deserto, Burano, Mazzorbo, Torcello, San LazzaroSan Servolo: all different but united by their charm, history and nature.

The island’s location is great because of its characteristics and the services offered to those who want to live Venice and the Lagoon in the most appropriate manner, thus discovering that this unique city is the dream of every traveler.

Walking and getting lost in Venice is only part of the trip.
The city is part of its Lagoon.

The town of  Venice

At its birth, around the sixth century, Venice was designed exclusively to the water, the houses had their main entrance from the side of the chanel, and there was no “Ponte della Libertà” (Libertà bridge), modern era try to tie Venice connected to the mainland.
At the end of the Republic (1797) follow the french Bonaparte military occupation, step by step the city has slowly changed its nature to become more like the mainland: underground canals (“Rio Terà”), the bridge over the lagoon, house entrances on the streets, cars circulating at the Lido.

Nevertheless its link with the water is still predominant.
The motto BARCA XE CASA (“the boat is the house”) is always present; for a visitor simply getting on a “bateo” (boat) public service is just a first approach to this need for life in a lagoon environment.

Its Lagoon

Wide waterways, some of more than 15 meters deep, flowing with emerald green waters, rich flora and fauna, islands with history and ancient traditions, all immersed in a landscape that takes your breath away, with its colors and its sounds muffled: this is the north Lagoon!

Wider and with much more islands than the central and southern Lagoon, this area is excellent for sailing, given the low volume of traffic and its wide and airy channels.

The skipper

I’m a good skipper who has been sailing for so many years with every kind of thing that floats from kayak to mega yacht.
In addition to paddles, hooves, hoes and propellers, I also love to knit with kitchen knives, pans and chopsticks.
My mom often tells me that if I did not sail I would probably have made the professional chef.
In fact, I do both of these things: the skipper on small boats is actually the whole crew: motorist, boater, boater, helmsman and cook.
I sailed across the European Mediterranean, North Atlantic, South China Sea, Baltic Sea. I know very well the Adriatic and its inland waters: the beautiful lagoons of Venice, Caorle and Grado; And the navigable channels of the Venetian coastline and Brenta river.


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